About the artist

Cheryl Moreno was born in Carmel California. She received her BA from Art Center College of Design. In 2010 Moreno began drawing and painting full-time. She works from imagination and memory, and finds inspiration in both nature and industry. Her studio is in Aptos, California. 



What inspires my work is largely driven by everyday observations, experiences and gatherings.
I’m interested in the interplay between nature and industry. I’m fascinated with cause and effect,
infrastructure, adaptation, survival, and best intensions.

I love the act of drawing, and much of my work is process driven. I use paint, plaster and paper, to reveal layers of mark making. I love bleached stone, wood and rust — remnants of what was. 

Sometimes I pair my paintings with found objects, both natural and man-made. 

Making work allows me to slow down, look closely, and go back into memory.